Written and composed by local award-winning singer and actress, Jean Seizure, “We’ll Be Okay” offers four different stories, accompanied by different renditions from 4 of Singapore’s brightest emerging talents in the local music scene – .gif, Joie Tan, Shak’thiya and Umar Sirhan.

In the course of producing the music videos, the young aspiring filmmakers from Jurong West Secondary School, Dunman High School, Canberra Secondary School and Nan Hua High School made full use of mobile filmmaking techniques. Collectively, the four MVs explore the hopes and dreams of these students and their perspectives on life beyond the year 2020. 

  • Kim

    Meet Kim—a young woman who moved to Singapore to support her family back in China. From being scrutinized by her coworkers, to having difficulty with a new language, this MV shares Kim’s struggles as a foreign worker in Singapore.

  • In a world of increasingly scarce greenery, a teenage girl embarks on a quest to find the last piece of nature. It’s a race against time and she stumbles along the way. Will she make it before the last park in Singapore is destroyed?

  • A young boy dreams of relieving his family of financial burden. With determination and innovation, he revamps his father’s catering business – HomeGourmet, into a social dining experience. What else does he have in store for the future?

  • Cryonics – A scientific experiment that comes with a hefty cheque and an even bigger price to pay. Disowned by his parents and haunted by the memories of his past mistakes, will Arthur take the gamble?