Royston Tan

Royston Tan is an active director in the Singapore film industry, who has directed feature films including 3688 (2015), 12 Lotus (2008), 881 (2007), and 4:30 (2006). His short film 15 (2003) has won many awards, including Best Fiction Award at Tampere Film Festival (2003). His film 12 Lotus has won the Best Director Award at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival. Royston has also won the Honorary Award at the 1st Singapore Short Film Awards.


Mentor of

  • 'Regret', which takes our current day observations of how young Singaporeans go to great lengths to gain social currency - to an extreme set in the future.

  • 'Diaspora' hopes to inspire the preservation of our fast-disappearing cultures and traditions which make Singapore a truly diversified country.

Short Films