Ong Kuo Sin

Kuo Sin's work ranges from documentaries and variety shows to dramas and comedies. In 2012, he released his first feature film, Judgment Day / 世界末日, which went on to earn RM1.5 million in Malaysia. In 2014, Kuo Sin earned a nomination for "Best Local Director" in the Singapore E-Awards. In 2015, he wrote and shot the viral hit song "Unbelievable" for Spouse For House, which garnered more than 5 million hits online. He also wrote and shot the feature film Mr. Unbelievable, inspired by the "Unbelievable" MV.


Mentor of

  • Through our MV 'Life Beyond 2020', we hope to bring across the message that environmental degradation is a serious issue today that must be dealt with today, not tomorrow.

  • We wanted to explore the consequences of technologies such as cryonics in the future, through our MV 'Cryonics' and urge everyone to consider its repercussions along with welcoming its benefits.

Music Videos