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Hey Soul Sisters

Dunman High

The medium of film is creative, inspiring and allows us to provoke audiences to reconsider their perspective, which is what we enjoy about it. Our MV 'Kim' hopes to shed more light on foreign workers, who are often underappreciated and even ostracised in Singapore. We want to encourage empathy, and remind others that they should be respected and treated kindly.

Zhang Yu Fu

Producer, Editor

Soh Huiwen Eunice


Sheng Hongyi

Director of Photography

Music Videos






Mentored By

Wee Li Lin


One of the pioneer female filmmakers in Singapore, Wee’s work has a distinct comedic and fantastical touch. She has won the "Best Director” award at the Singapore International Film Festival. Her films have travelled to the Tribeca Film festival in New York, the Cairo International Film festival, and the Shanghai international film festival, amongst many others. In 2011, the Singapore Short Film Awards presented Li Lin an honorary award for her commitment to the local filmmaking scene.


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