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Clam Down

Republic Polytechnic

Our films focus on the minutae and untold stories of our worlds to bring out the beauty in the little things. For 'Declaration', we were inspired by our friends' courage to remain true to themselves despite their struggles with their sexuality and lack of support from their close ones. We hope that through this film, we extend hope to those struggling with their sexuality and demonstrate that love overcomes everything.

Nur Zakiaana Bte Suliman


Katherine Teo Ke Ying


Shanice Anne Cher Ling Qiu

Director of Photography

Emily Wong Young Yee


Film by the Team






Mentored By

M Raihan Halim


Calling himself a “part-time scriptwriter, full-time storyteller”, Raihan’s career began after winning two Golden Pen Awards at the MDA National Scriptwriting Competition in 2005 and 2007. His telemovies Yazid Wears Diapers garnered the Best Special Drama while Big Time In Little Street was nominated in 2010 Asian Television Awards. His feature film project, Banting (2014) was met with overwhelming response and was screened at the 34th Hawaii International Film Festival.


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