She’s Going To Stand Up For Herself. She Wished Mother Had Her Back.

14 May 2018 Written by Viddsee

Li Ying lived with a dark cloud over her. She’s gay, and her mother doesn’t know.

For years, she’s tried her best to keep her head down. When kids at school called her names, she fought back but also apologised after that, because she wanted them to stop saying that she had a bad mother.

She learnt how to stop fighting back, to protect the only parent she had, her mother.

In this version of the future, where an official declaration of sexual orientation is becoming mandatory for all citizens, Li Ying chose to come out to the state, but first, she wanted to come out to her mother.

It wasn’t about making a statement, or just a phase of rebellion. Li Ying wished mother would understand that she wanted to do this for herself, to stop living a lie.