Cast Aside, A Transgender Woman Waits, Helplessly

14 May 2018 Written by Viddsee

Liyanah’s rushed her partner, Lien, to the emergency room in an ambulance, and that was the last she saw of her.

Liyanah was cast aside unceremoniously after Lien's hospital admission. Nurses and hospital clerks couldn’t tell her anything of Lien’s well being.

They would only speak to a family member, and the only number Liyanah had to offer was Lien’s daughter, who was not contactable.

To them, she was irrelevant.

She had unknowingly surrendered Lien to strangers who spoke of next-of-kins, protocols, directives, and processes. They didn’t understand she shared a home and life together with the Madam Ng whom she knew as Lien, the love of her life.

Her only lifeline was an unresponsive phone number, as a life she dreamt with Lien slipped away slowly, behind hospital walls and protocols.