This Social Media Influencer Got Outed For Being Fake

14 May 2018 Written by Viddsee

Rebecca lives in a HDB flat with her mother, a recyclables collector. But to the rest of the world, she’s a spoilt daughter with pretty things to match her pretty personality.

Her followers worshipped her lifestyle, and she basked in their praise and envy because her life depended on it.

In this universe, public opinion determines one’s social status. The state claims individuals with ratings below 10% and they get sent for a ‘reboot’.

Her life is a perfectly staged production that pays off in lucrative sponsorships and public adoration, but off-screen, her mother struggles to put food on the table.

When a so-called “best friend” exposes her as a fake “rich”, the facade crumbles, and her social ratings nosedive dangerously.

Driven to desperation, Rebecca and her mother give their all to escape the dreaded “reboot”.

Whether it was all worth it, Rebecca only had herself to answer.