20/20: The Temasek Short Film Project is a short film series aimed at nurturing the next generation of local filmmakers. Commissioned by Temasek, a Singapore investment company, the project provides 20 young aspiring filmmaking groups with funding as well as mentorships by some of Singapore’s most renowned directors.

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Ever imagined what the future holds? In a world of robots, artificial intelligence, automation and technology, it almost seems as if nothing is really impossible.

In Season 2, we challenged our aspiring young filmmakers to let their imaginations run wild as they share their views of the future through their artistic lens.



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    •  Growing Middle Income Populations;

    •  Deepening Comparative Advantages; and

    •  Emerging Champions

    Our compounded annualised Total Shareholder Return since inception in 1974 is 15% in Singapore dollar terms, or 17% in US dollar terms.

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Season 2

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    and mentors

  • Get to know more about our latest batch of aspiring filmmakers and the renowned mentors who will be guiding them along in this artistic journey.

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